MHP-S100 Comp of Power


The MHP Comp Of Power is recommended for M8 engines producing 130 plus foot pounds of torque.

Fitment: 2017 and newer Milwaukee Eight equipped Harley-Davidson models.

*Installation requires a new Harley-Davidson Compensator Screw Part # 10500031, these screws are a onetime use fastener.

“Our Comps of Power are comprised of a Timken steel alloy. This 655M13 / EN36B is a 3% Nickel Chromium Case Hardening Steel that is supplied in the bright drawn and hot rolled condition. After carburizing, 655M13 / EN36B gives a hard case with a strong core, while retaining a remarkable degree of toughness and resistance to shock. In addition and due to the nickel & chrome content, it offers a high tensile strength that is useful in numerous applications, including for the manufacture of crankshafts and drive gears.”


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