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Chattanooga Beard Co. - Beard Balm

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  • What is a Beard Balm? Chattanooga Beard Co's Beard Balms can be compared to a conditioner or moisturizer, they are made for both the beard and the skin under. Beard Balms will help hydrate and soften your beard and skin. Healthy skin is the foundation for a healthy, growing beard. Apply daily for best results.
  • Precisely formulated blend
    • Carefully selected and sourced ingredients - Elevate the care and appearance of your beard with Chattanooga Beard Co premium ingredients. Their mission is to source the finest elements for their formulas, because they understand the significance of a well-maintained beard for men.
      • Coconut Oil - This natural ingredient heals damaged hair, softens, hydrates, and strengthens your beard. It also contains fats your beard can absorb to stop beard dandruff! It also has antibacterial properties, provides UV protection, and contains vitamin E to assist in beard growth.
      • Shea Butter - This natural ingredient is a super beard moisturizer! It adds shine, conditions your hair, contains vitamins A, E, and F, antioxidants, and fatty acids to balance oils, and promotes beard growth! There’s a reason it’s in the best beard products.
      • Beeswax - This natural ingredient helps you style your beard! It provides a mild hold to tame your beard. In addition, it helps heal skin and hair. Remember, locking in moisture is the key to stopping beard itch.
      • Lanolin - This natural wax is high in lipid content and helps increase hydration levels in the skin. It’s easily absorbed into your skin, which helps rebuild barrier function and increase skin moisture. Contains vitamin D3 to help new beard hair growth while healing dry or damaged skin and hair.
      • Fragrance - Chattanooga Beard Co. uses only the highest-quality range of fragrances for your beard. Each scent is blended by a master IFRA perfumer and manufactured in an FDA-registered facility in the USA! Contains no harsh chemicals, is Animal Cruelty-Free, and Vegan. There’s a reason Chattanooga Beard Co. have the best-smelling beard products.
    • Crafted in the USA
    • Hand made