Sena SRL2

Built for Shoei Helmets
The SRL2 Bluetooth® communication system was initially created by Sena and SHOEI for the SHOEI GT-Air II helmet. The SRL2 is built with similar functions to our top-selling 20S, but with a simple 3-button control. Pair the SRL2 to your smartphone so you can listen to music, hear GPS directions, talk on the phone, and more.
The SRL2 is now also compatible with SHOEI's Neotec II* and J-Cruise II helmets. The unit's sleek design is virtually undetectable from the helmet's exterior, regardless of which one you use. The headset also includes updated, detachable microphone options. Swap between the mics for the one that best fits your style.
  • Designed for SHOEI Helmets: SHOEI Neotec 2*, SHOEI GT-Air 2, and SHOEI J-Cruise 2 helmets
  • Constructed with a dual Bluetooth chips, the SRL2 allows you to communicate with up to 7 other riders over 1.6 km (1 mile) in open terrain. Audio Multitasking™ allows you to simultaneously listen to music and talk with other riders via intercom. The intelligent design will automatically decrease the music volume when someone begins speaking, and then increase again once you have ended your conversation.
  • The SRL2 comes with all the functions you need to have the smoothest ride including group intercom, voice commands and more. Universal Intercom™ makes the SRL2 compatible with other non-Sena Bluetooth communication systems. The SRL2 is also built with Advanced Noise Control™, so whether you're talking over the intercom or taking a phone call, the environmental wind and road noise doesn't interfere with the audio.
  • Link your SRL2 SHOEI communication system to the Sena Utility App (for iPhone and Android) to configure device settings and access our Quick Start Guide at the click of a button. The SRL2 also connects to the Sena RideConnected app, so you can easily talk over intercom with a virtually limitless number of riders over an infinite range while you are connected to a mobile network.

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